The Aims of the Fund

The Love Luton campaign has established this fund to provide financial support and monetary awards to community groups, local charities and organisations that support the people of Luton.

The aim of the fund is to provide financial awards for projects and initiatives run by groups working in the local community for the benefit of people in Luton.

Who/What will the Project Fund?

The fund will accept bids from projects or groups whose work addresses a wide range of issues but with a key focus of improving the image and perception of Luton to enhance a belief in the town and drive a thriving economy. It can be for a project, event or initiative.

When bidding for a grant any group should consider how the project or initiative fits with Love Luton’s aims and objectives.

  1. Showcasing Luton as a town to be proud of.
  2. Engaging with partners and other communities outside of Luton demonstrating best practice.
  3. Ensuring the Love Luton message gets out to the people of Luton and beyond.
  1. Luton is a great town to do business
  2. Attracting visitors to the town
  3. Thriving economy
  1. Improving the health of children and young people
  2. Ensuring children and young people are safe and well cared for
  3. Reducing the differences in educational achievement between ethnic groups
  4. Strengthening social cohesion
  5. Providing positive activities for young people and reducing anti social behaviour
  6. Meeting the needs of people with disabilities/learning difficulties.
How much funding is available?

The maximum amount available in any one financial year under this scheme is £3000. There is no minimum sum so even if you need £100 to support a small event, you can still bid.

Just make sure you are using the right form as the larger bids require more information to make sure we are awarding any funds to the right project/initiative. This is a revenue fund and we do not support funds that specifically pay for “people” time.

Although you may bid for up to £3000 the Love Luton committee will make the final decision on the award offered and they have full and final say. Some awards will be made in instalments subject to agreed outcomes being achieved.

Groups cannot make more than one bid per financial year to the fund.

What other criteria apply?
  • Your work must directly contribute to the achievement of at least one of the Love Luton criteria and can clearly be supported with evidence and examples of the need and how this will be achieved with outcomes (needed for large and small applications)

  • Need to be able to demonstrate how they have proven the need for the project/initiative/event. (needed for large and small applications)

  • That they have the capacity, knowledge, skills, resources and ability to deliver the project/initiative/event successfully. (needed for large and small applications)

  • That they are correctly governed and follow their constitution at all times.

  • Strong financial management and in good financial health.

  • At all times committed to the promotion of equality, cohesion and inclusion, both within its group and across the community as a whole and that this is demonstrated through the way it plans and delivers its activities. (needed for large and small applications)

  • That its estimate of the funding required to deliver its activities is realistic and reasonable and represents good value for money. (needed for large and small applications)

  • Has an adequate complaints procedure.

  • Clear safeguarding policy ensuring young children and the vulnerable are protected at all times. (needed for large and small applications)

  • Demonstrable track record of partnership working with others working in the same, similar or complementary field of activity.

  • Acknowledge that they cannot expect continued funding from the Love Luton fund and that it has a track record of, wherever possible, seeking funds from different sources and should make every effort to become sustainable, and has a clear exit strategy for dealing with a situation where funding stops. (needed for large and small applications)

  • Applications will receive a higher weighting if they can demonstrate that they are a group with strong links in the community and have a permanent base in it.

  • All applicants will need to provide the following documents:

      1. A governing document that outlines the objects and powers of the group (only for large applications)
      2. An equal opportunities policy (only for large applications but must demonstrate their understanding of equal opportunities in the smaller application)
      3. A safeguarding policy (for both if involves children)
      4. A most recent set of annual accounts or, for groups operating for less than twelve months, a budget or estimate of income and spend for the year ahead and a development or business plan if one is in place. (only for large applications)
      5. A complaints policy. (only for large applications)

The funds available from this scheme are limited and, in today’s economic climate, all applicants must be able to demonstrate that they are seeking funds from a wide range of sources and through their own efforts.

Groups which have sourced match funding will be looked on more favourably.  This match funding can include any combination of the following:

  1. Income from the group’s own fundraising efforts
  2. Awards from other charitable trusts and organisations
  3. Income from beneficiaries, either through subscriptions, payment for services (if appropriate)
  4. The value of benefits in kind (e.g. provision of free advice, donated materials etc.)
  5. Volunteer programme
Who/what will the fund not support?
  • Applications from profit making organisations.

  • Applications from Community Interest Companies or Social Enterprises that cannot demonstrate that they have contracts in place that have a value of more than 50% of their annual turnover.

  • Applicants where those benefiting do not live within Luton.

  • Organisations or activities that promote political parties, terrorism or the propagation of religion or conduct of worship. Religious organisations may apply for funding for non-denominational activities that demonstrate wider public benefit.

  • National or regional charities, except where funding is demonstrably targeted locally.

  • Bids from statutory services or projects that would otherwise be funded from statutory sources.

  • Retrospective funding (money that has already been spent).

  • The Community Award fund will not support applications where more than 50% is on staff costs (dependant on project).

Application and Award Procedures
  • Only requests for funding on the official application forms will be considered. Forms are sent on request by e-mail (

  • Please make sure that copies of all supporting documents are included with the application (only applicable for large applications)

  • On receipt of the completed application we will advise of an announcement date and follow up with any points of clarification.

  • The panel is made up from those on the working group of the Love Luton campaign.  The panel meets at least four times a year.

  • All applications will be checked against the fund’s criteria and only those that clearly meet the criteria will be presented to the panel. The funders reserve the right to decline or accept any application according to the decision of the awards panel. There is no right of appeal against any decision made.

  • The decision of the awards panel will be notified to you within two weeks of its meeting.

  • The panel have the right to close the application process at any time they see fit (for example when commitments for that year have reached the allocated pot or if there are a large number of applications in for review).


If you have any difficulties in completing the forms please contact the Love Luton coordinator by email

Application deadlines are:

Dates to be announced shortly. Keep checking back

To apply to the community fund, please read all the terms and conditions and if you are legible fill in the following form to the best of your knowledge.

The Completed Form

Please send the completed form and supporting documents to All supporting documents should be scanned in. If you need to post any supporting information please contact the coordinator for the postal address.

Smaller applications up to £1000 download here
Larger applications of up to £3000 download here

With thanks to the vision and support of our Love Luton Sponsors